Nicole Richie: Figure skating gave me the fashion bug

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Style icon Nicole Richie has revealed that she got hooked on fashion at a young age when she would have to dress up for her figure skating classes.

The 'Candidly Nicole' star - who has her own label House of Harlow - discovered her love of clothes when she would take to the ice in glamorous outfits as a young child.

Nicole - who is the adopted daughter of legendary pop singer Lionel Richie - shared: ''I was a figure skater my whole life. My dad's costume designer, Edna, would make my figure skating outfits when I would compete, and she urged me one day to go to her studio downtown, and she showed me how everything worked.''

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She continued: ''It was when Nancy Kerrigan won an Olympic medal wearing Vera Wang that I was introduced to the designer world. Edna said to me, 'You have all these ideas, why don't you come in and design everything yourself?' I was nine or 10. I went to stores and bought charms with strips of velvet to make chokers.''


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Bathroom beauty

posted on Jan 21, 2016| tags: beauty women

Kick back and relax this winter in the comfort of your own bathroom.

The days are short, the weather is cold and all we want is to fill the tub with hot steaming water and submerge with a good book (and maybe a glass of wine).

A bit of bubble bath is nice, but we've been using the foamy stuff since we were kids. Now's the time to venture, quite literally, into more grownup waters. From coffee smelling exfoliators to luxury bath oils, winter is the time to hibernate in your bathroom and pamper yourself.

Cup O' Coffee

Lush are the king of bathroom goodies, and many of us are already bath bomb enthusiasts. For a different body beautifying ritual, grab a pot of its Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Wash. After all, what's more grown up than coffee? After slathering on the thick mask, leave it so sink in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off, gently massaging the scrubbing coffee grounds away.

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Indulgent bath oils

Oil is now a beauty buzz word, with women no

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Two Latinas Nominated for FGI 2016 Rising Star Fashion Awards

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Fashion Group International included Latinas Yliana Yepez and Ana Paredes on its list of nominees for the 2016 Rising Star Fashion Awards.

Every year FGI nominates a few up and coming designers and fashion industry corporates who have contributed to the fashion industry in new and innovative ways.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the categories include the best in women's wear, men's wear, accessories, fine jewelry, beauty and fragrance, retail, and interior design.

Former model Yepez is up for the best in accessories prize. The handbag designer, who was raised in Caracas, Venezuela, has established herself as one of the most popular accessories designers in her home country. She caught the attention of fashion giants in New York with her Latin inspired luxury handbags.


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Yepez, who is being nominated for a second time, explained to WWD the vision she had for her brand, which was inspired by her cultural background.

“For the first year of the company

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How Smoking Steals Your Beauty

posted on Jan 15, 2016| tags: beauty women skincare

We all know that smoking is bad for the health. It can be associated with lung cancer and heart disease. However, it can be worse for your skin and hair too. It can be linked to premature ageing and an array of skin disorders including psoriasis, hidradenitis and crow's feet.

Smoking can accelerate the ageing process of the skin. Skin develops wrinkles and lines that can become dry and coarse with an uneven skin colouring and broken blood vessels. The heat from the cigarette directly burns the skin and elastic fibres of the skin.

Smoking narrows the blood vessels and reduces the blood supply to the skin. It causes changes in the elastic fibres and a loss of collagen. It pulls out the moisture of the skin, leaving the skin dull and dry.

Smoking delays the wound-healing process. Smokers are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Likewise, there are various ways by which smoking affects the health of your skin. Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky are listing o

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How to make an entrance: three things we learned from Celebrity Big Brother

posted on Jan 07, 2016| tags:

1. Sequins and fur. Always

On the basis of opening-night outfits, we’re backing Nancy Dell’Olio and Angie Bowie to triumph. Both arrived in sequinned eveningwear, with a fur on top, for all the world as if they were walking into Claridge’s or the Paris Opera, rather than a television set in Borehamwood.

We were particularly taken with Dell’Olio, who donned what appeared to be a sequinned kaftan and dragged her mink along the floor behind her, diamonds twinkling under the flashbulbs. This is so very clearly what Elizabeth Taylor would have worn, had her career trajectory taken a slightly different path.

Angie Bowie dancing with Bianca Jagger in the 1970s

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Angie Bowie, meanwhile, still has exactly the same shade of platinum blond hair she had when she was on the dance floor with Bianca Jagger in the 1970s, and extended the Studio 54 reference with a Halston-esque halterneck silver sequinned frock, over which she wore a shaggy, red-wine-coloured fur. It is really, really hard to look enigmatic and/or glamorou

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Here\'s How the Runways Influence What You See on Downton Abbey

posted on Jan 05, 2016| tags:

Last night, the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey debuted, and while there’s an undeniable melancholy in knowing that this marks the beginning of the end, it also means eight episodes to get your fill of Lady Mary, Cora, and co. We caught up with Anna Robbins, the woman responsible for the sumptuous ensembles of the show’s final two seasons, to talk about the tireless research behind the costumes, the cast’s farewell tears, and the surprising ways in which current runways might influence TV’s most beloved period piece.

Is there a feeling of melancholy now that the show has ended?

I think that everybody thought it was a good time to finish, and we were kind of gearing up toward it, but then it hits you and it was quite emotional. Especially when the cast had their final scenes; there were speeches and tears. It built up over the course of the week to the final day, and then everyone was a bit of a mess, really!

I imagine it was quite a close-knit cast and crew at that

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Jersey City Broadway Costume Exhibit Glitters

posted on Dec 31, 2015| tags: fashion

There’s a shiny gem of an exhibit at Art House in Jersey City that cuts through the winter fog with a twinkle. All That Glitters allows visitors to zoom in on the bead-work that makes costumes masterpieces.

“I think there’s an old saying: ‘Scenery sells seats,'” says Polly Isham Kinney. “And I think people take binoculars. I know I do.”

Polly Isham Kinney is a beading and embroidery designer currently working on Aladdin on Broadway, and James Crochet is the designer behind Leading Lady Costumes. Between the two Jersey City residents, they have years of Broadway, TV, and fashion campaign experience. So when Crochet took on guest-curating a costume exhibit at Art House, he knew who to call for an inside look at the glitz that makes the gowns.

“We sat on her floor and dug through her samples,” Crochet says of his work with Kinney, “and started to pull things out that she responded to or that I responded to. Things that we could remember where they were from.”

Crochet complem

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Dangerously thin fashion models should be banned, says Health Experts

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It seems that world is waking up to the need to stop the craze of ‘being skinny’ in the fashion industry. France is the latest nation to ban excessively thin models. Now, health experts have suggested that US health regulators should make sure that fashion models, who are ultra-thin are benched.

An editorial by two experts on eating disorder affiliated with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston have said that fashion models require protection in the same way as coal miners and garment factory workers.

Models are at risk of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. Katherine L. Record and S. Bryn Austin said that the US government regulates if any industry exposes its employees to harm. “Professional fashion models are particularly vulnerable to eating disorders resulting from occupational demands to maintain extreme thinness”, affirmed Record.

In America, a woman is considered underweight if her body mass index is below 18.5. But the authors have found tha

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Charles Gross\' Holiday Fashion Tips

posted on Dec 21, 2015| tags: fashion dress wear

The holidays are quickly coming around once again. Even though we are all stressing out about what to give other people, we need to ask ourselves one important question: What am I going to wear? YouTube sensation, Charles Gross, has the answer.

Gross has been on the rise since beginning as a handbag reseller in order to make a living. Since then, he’s been creating daily videos talking about fashion, style and his favorite trends of the moment – so make sure to tune in. The topics of his videos range from fragrances to handbags to seasonal trends that keep fashion-conscious viewers in the know.

Vital VOICE caught up with Gross to chat about not only his favorite holiday fragrances and trends, but also his personal gifting preferences.

When did you realize your passion for fashion, style, and fragrances?

I think it was pretty inherent, just through my childhood. My parents both worked in design and fashion magazines were always around the house. It was just something that

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Baja East Co-Founder John Targon Weighs in on Fashion Week\'s Possible Revamp

posted on Dec 18, 2015| tags:

With this week’s news about the CFDA hiring consulting firm Boston Consulting Group to look at ways to rethink how Fashion Week works, we were curious to find out what designers thought. Rebecca Minkoff announced she would be presenting the very same spring 2016 collection she showed in September in February. And at Wednesday night’s Gjelina dinner party feting the arrival of Baja East to Elyse Walker’s FWRD e-commerce site (which drew Olivia Culpo and Eva Amurri, among top stylists), we got the chance to find out.

When we asked John Targon, Baja East co-founder and designer (along with Scott Studenberg), what he thought of the NYFW announcement, he replied, "I think watch what’s going to happen for Baja East in February, because it will fit right along those lines." But no, they won’t be showing the same collection again, à la Minkoff. "For Baja East, it’s more about seasonless dressing anyway, and the idea that things can go year-round."

From left: Scott Studenberg, Elyse Walker and John Targon

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The bigges

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